Alina Lysychkina

Performance Media Specialist, Growth Hacking Addict

Developed and run strong marketing strategies and tactics across different platforms and drove them, maximizing ROI even x3 times. On average, 5 years of experience at an agency, media company, e-commerce, where was responsible for developing creative solutions and precise quality. Loves big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

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Jak czterokrotnie zwiększyć sprzedaż w e-commerce

Zespół marketingowy Selsey posiadał rozgałęziony system media miks, który obejmował ponad 100 wydawców. Wykorzystanie narzędzia do modelowania atrybucji stało się koniecznością. Rozwiązanie pozwoliło zrozumieć interakcję różnych działań i wydzielenie kombinacji zdarzeń, które wpływały na pożądane akcje, określając bezpośrednie miejsce i prawidłową wartość danego wydawcy na ścieżce konwersji.

How to Run a Small Business Online – Sports Clothes

Aneta Frąckowiak has been producing women’s sportswear LOCO SPORT for five years. It is a brand producing women sports legging. Aneta sells clothes online and feels happy with what she does. She also has a blog where she supports other women in being active and in starting running. Read the interview and learn hoe she…

How to Run a Small Business Online – Children Rock Clothes

Katarzyna has been running an unusual business, a rock clothing brand for children called Mia Rock. The clothes are all designed by her and sewn 100% in Poland, mainly from Polish materials. In this article "How to run a small business online - Children rock cloth" Kasia describes how to produce and to sell extraordinary…

How to Run a Small Business Online – Cute Gifts

Aneta Okonek has been producing lovely gifts on for more than ten years. She has been creating and selling bouquets on various occasions. This is not about the ones with living flowers. There is a staff made of candies, lollipops, candy bars, buttons, cosmetics, baby clothes, banknotes, lotto tickets, and scratch tickets. Yes, it…

How to Run a Small Business Online – Interior Design

Interior Design Studio in 2 years. How to start? Which marketing strategy you have to choose? What is the final goal? See the Ambience's story. Since 2018, Agnieszka Konieczna has been running Ambience, the Interior Design Studio in Krakow. She runs projects online mostly in Poland, but also across the world. Her main goal is…

How to create Facebook Automated Rules and manage ads effectively?

How do Facebook Automated Rules can help you to automate your marketing strategy, implement new tactics, and perform tests? Let’s check how to create Facebook Automated Rules and manage advertising costs effectively. First of all, it is necessary to introduce what Facebook automated rules are. These algorithms run when condition A is met, then action…

How do you keep your business growing on the web in times of crisis?

The crisis will pass, but the choices we will make now will define our companies and branches' future. Nobody knows what will be the final impact of the epidemic and the quarantine on the global economy. But almost everyone says that we are facing an unprecedented situation and the biggest crisis for our generation because…