How to effectively promote your business on social media for free?

Entrepreneurs and bloggers who run a personal blog or brand page on social media face daunting challenges. They need to retain existing audiences and grab the attention of new users, as well as increase the page’s visibility in information searches on social media. All this requires a lot of time, nevertheless, you can promote your business on social networks for free.

What is needed for this?

What resources and applications should you use to achieve a good result?
I share a universal action plan for you, which consists of 5 steps.

Olga Lisichkina, Social Media Marketing and Business Promotion Specialist
How to promote business on social media for free
Olha Lysychkina, Social Media Marketing and Business Promotion Specialist

5 steps to effectively promote your business on social media for free

# 1 Choose the channel

What social networks should you choose for your business and how to promote it for free on these channels?

The choice of a traffic source through which you can reach out to your target audience, and completing a competent design of your profile is a very important marketing ploy.

Today, among businesses in the CIS, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are considered more popular and beneficial.

What social networks should you bet on? Everything really depends on your product.

  • For example, if your business, blog, a startup is associated with any kind of creativity, YouTube and TikTok are the best suited for promotion. This will allow you to create video content, and conduct live broadcasts, add subtitles to videos. Therefore, training videos are best posted on the YouTube channel. For example, foreign language lessons, cooking courses, and travel tips.
  • As for the Instagram service, it has proven itself well in various areas of online business, including online shopping, creative services, etc. Instagram is perfect for selling clothes, cosmetics, interior items including handmade!
  • For a sales company, Facebook can provide the highest response. Services of beauty salons, clinics, designer furniture, etc. are often promoted here. If you have a catalog of goods or services, you can easily place it on your business page.

# 2 Define the target audience

To begin with, it is important to define what the target audience is and why should it be defined?
The target audience are people who can be potentially interested in your offer, product, and service.

It is determined in order to properly build communication with a client who purchases your product or orders a service.

When choosing a target audience, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Who needs the product you are selling?
  • What client need does it satisfy or what pain does it soothe?
  • Where and how can a client buy it?
  • What other ways are there to get it? Which is the most convenient?
  • How can a buyer know about your company/service/product?

And also get the following data:

  • Demographic characteristics of the potential client (language, country, gender, age, city).
  • Possible traffic sources (attracting customers).
  • Interests.

When promoting on social networks, you can view the target audience of competitors. At the initial stage, such information can help in choosing the directions “this person can be our client” and the direction “this person will definitely never be our client”.

# 3 Set the visual design up

The attention of users of most social networks, first of all, is attracted by the visual design of the publication. If the image is engaging, then the user does not scroll through the feed but continues to read the text or watch the video.

This is one of the main reasons why it is worth investing time in creating visual content. Quality design leads to increased sales and brand awareness.

I have collected simple and effective tips and will show you how to get social media accounts up.

Use text in profile descriptions and publications

The first thing a client pays attention to when they go to your profile is a description. The profile header and description should be clear from the first seconds and match your content. Do not forget to provide the user with contact information so that they can quickly contact you in case of questions.

Use text in post image

To attract the attention of users, a small but capacious inscription in one or two lines in a picture or video will be enough. This will help the user quickly jump to the topic of interest. But! In the case when your image requires an inscription, it is important to ensure that the picture is not overloaded – the text should be written in the same font.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all design strategy for all profiles, however, I still recommend that you feel free to experiment as you search for your visual concept.

You can run multiple ad campaigns to help you quickly understand what your audience is reacting to. Once some posts start gaining more engagement than others, you will need to analyze their visual concept and set the direction for your next design projects.

In order for all publications to be associated with you by users, it is necessary to form a single visual brand style. The choice of colors to be used in graphic design or grid should not be random, as shades create a brand image and convey its originality.

And most importantly, colors evoke the desired emotions in users.

Free resources for visualizing your social media profile

Unsplash is a unique resource where you can download and use high-quality images for your projects absolutely free.

SUPA the service allows you to create unique and creative videos for publications and stories, it is possible to use templates.

CANVA allows you to create a unique graphic design for publications, it is possible to use templates.

#4 Ensure organic reach

Our subscribers, in fact, play a key role in promoting our profiles. Absolutely each of their comments, likes, reposts, affects the coverage of the page, displaying our posts in the rating higher than the publications of competitors.

In order for this promotion method to work, you need to increase the engagement of subscribers in the life of your account. Create creative stories, graphic and video content, encourage people to take action – like and repost, show your true colors, communicate with the audience.

Do hashtags help you get organic reach?

Correctly chosen hashtags will be able to bring your posts to the top of publications on this topic.

What hashtags do you need to use to do this?

Your brand hashtags

If you want to create a brand or people are looking for not just your product, but your company, then you need to use branded hashtags. For example, #selseyliving #evamozaika #lancome

Industry hashtags

Such hashtags are very well indexed in the search, as people who are looking for information on this topic will prefer to use them: #beautician #mountains

Geolocation or location hashtags

If you are promoting a lingerie store in Kyiv, then use hashtags with well-known shopping centers, places in your city, and the store address: #underwearKyiv. Hashtags will help you display in the search and increase the reach of publications, bringing future customers to your profile.

What about reposts from subscribers?

If a user sees that his friend reposts some information to his page, he becomes interested in what it is. Try to create important or interesting content that you yourself want to repost. This is how you can attract loyal followers to your brand account.

# 5 Barter

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How to effectively promote your business on social media for free?

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What is barter? In essence, this is a deal between a customer and a publisher, for example, between a brand and a blogger. The person who orders the service pays for it with their product. The workflow is usually very simple: an advertiser publishes a product review, flagging your business page, and you can post a review with a link to the advertiser.

This is supposed to be an honest recommendation and native advertising. Not entirely free, but very effective, since most of the customer’s audience will see your profile and get acquainted with the product or service.

An additional bonus for effective work in social networks

Of course, I have prepared links for you to several free programs that will make your work in social networks easier.

SMMPlanner – this service will greatly simplify the posting of publications and stories, posting the first comment or video. You can connect a team to projects.

TRELLO – this service helps to control the workflow and schedule tasks for a small group of people.


How to effectively promote your business on social media for free?

Free promotion on social networks implies that the work done will have to be done independently, without outside help. This means that the quality of such promotion will depend on the person who is promoting. Therefore, if you put in maximum effort and time, then you can achieve great success quickly and with pleasure.

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