Facebook Dynamic Ads: how to gain high-quality traffic?

Starting working for an e-commerce company and managing a lot of product feeds for different affiliates, I found one interesting advanced way of promoting blog posts using Facebook Dynamic Ads. It gives the possibility to reach people who are potentially interested in the topic. 

Above all, you can reach the audience out using Dynamic Ads on Facebook.

How does it work? 

Usually, marketers use Dynamic Ads in e-commerce to promote and sell the products. Not bad, but the function of the tool gets the possibility to promote content also if you are smart enough to adjust the requirements to your reality. 

So, how can you do this? Look below. 
First of all, you have to build your product feed and upload it to ads. All requirements are on this page, but I will show you the way of doing this. 

For instance, the product feed could be created in Google Sheets and then saved in CSV format. You have to put all the necessary field in it: 

  1. ID
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Link
  5. Image link
  6. Availability
  7. Price 
  8. Brand 
  9. Custom_Label_0
  10. Custom_label_1

In practice, this can look like this: 

Facebook Dynamic Ads Feed

Firstly, add this ID in your CMS to each post on your blog. Secondly, get the link to your feed clicking on File / Publish for web / Publish. 

After that, go to your Business Manager on Facebook and open Catalogs.

facebook business manager

Press the green button “Create Catalog” and choose the E-commerce option. 

e-commerce catalog facebook

Configuring the catalog settings, choose Upload Product Info. Select the name of the business for your catalog.

configure catalog on facebook

After that, click Products / Add Products / Upload Data Feed. 

add products to facebook catalog

In the end, add Data Source Name and currency, set Automatic File Upload Schedule, add feed URL – the link generated in Google Sheets and set Automatic File Upload Schedule.

Voila! You can create ads based on your catalog. Moreover, I recommend setting the goal as conversion and use ads for both: prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Please do not forget to share this post on your social media and tag webwoman.pro 🙂 

Stay tuned, and we will share more hacks with you.