Sylwia Samorek

Sylwia is a digital marketer with a strong analytical background.
With her support, you will be able to plan long term marketing strategy, define goals and choose the right budgets. You will also receive some tips about building and running digital marketing campaigns or tests and analyze their results. If you want to know also how to identify your target group, wait for a serie of articles: Digital Marketing: Improve the Marketing Performance of Your Startup.
She is mostly specialized in Google marketing tools. Nevertheless, while carrying on a holistic view to the customer’s journey she always looks for marketing channels that fit your business in the best way.

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Digital Marketing: Improve the Marketing Performance of Your Startup

Getting started could be easy if you decide to follow some simple guidelines on how to deal with it. You do not have to plan a long-term marketing strategy immediately. In time, by a couple of completed tests, it will become easier for you to choose what works for your business. Remember though that even…