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Went through fire and water to find true passion. Strategic thinker. Mastered continuous learning. Believe in the power of empathy, words, and visualization.

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Keep your business focused on customers with these 4 UX design techniques

On this blog, I share a more holistic viewpoint at UX design that goes beyond shaping the interface only. Previously I explained the key values of UX design techniques for businesses. This time let’s focus on techniques from the UX designer’s toolkit. That will help you keep your business focused on the customers.  Before we…

How To Balance Good User Experience With Your Marketing Needs

I understand: digital marketing is built upon numbers and achieving results (e.g. generating leads, increasing conversions). But UX design is all about meeting business goals too (as well as satisfying users, which is a great marketing asset by the way). So why is there always some tension between marketers and user defenders and how to…

5 Easy Ways To Screw Up Your Website’s User Experience & How To Avoid Them

User experience (UX) design might seem like an unnecessary expensive undertaking if you’re a small/medium business owner and a simple homepage/landing page is all you need. And I totally get it. Indeed, using a website template with minor customizations or a platform for building websites might be perfectly enough for your needs and there is…